“You went above and beyond your obligations for us to get our home sold.  We most appreciated your quick responses to all our questions and concerns. We would certainly recommend you to our friends and family.” 

Thanks Diane & Chuck Banning


“Were very happy to have you on our side.”

Christa Tompkins


“I really appreciated all your little “extras” in helping with the inspection items, as well as with everything else.  You helped make a difficult situation easier for me.”

Mary Datema


“It was a great relief to me, because I was 1300 miles away, to have someone take the job and run with it, and go beyond the call of duty.”

Gary Tate


“You found us our new home and never gave up.”

Amy and Wayne Sherman


You sold my home in one week After being on the market (with another agent) for six months. “Your confidence and professional manner made our short time together a less stressful, pleasant experience.  Not only personable and knowledgeable, you have been a joy to work with.”

Pamela Milow


“As a state licensed appraiser part of my duties are to work with real estate agents and brokers.  The real estate sales agents which I have observed have rarely exhibited the knowledge and professionalism you have during the past 30 days.  In less than 30 days you not only found us a new home but you also found a buyer for our current home and closed both – in less than 30 days.”

Charles Tate


“Brett represented us throughout the negotiations.  Always keeping our best interests in mind.  We believe he went above and beyond in keeping in touch with both of us.  Letting us know every aspect to the transaction and how it would affect us.”

John and Sharla Erwin


“We most appreciated the thoroughness, honesty, and professionalism that you brought to these important transactions.  The sale and purchase of homes was not without anxiety for us.  Your experience and willingness to provide us with all the information possible was reassuring and most helpful to our decision making process.”

David G. Dethmers


“My head is reeling from the efficient way in which you handled the sale of our home.  Everything you stated in our initial meeting proved to be accurate.  You said the house would sell quickly and there would be no haggling on the price.”

Gregory Hinton


“I am very serious regarding my respect for your perseverance during that time.  You never lost focus or interest in helping me.  Most agents would have brushed me off for my indecisiveness long before.”

Greg Peterson


“Your outstanding commitment to selling our home, from the initial listing to your aggressive marketing, outstanding negotiating skills and your continuous feed back helped us to make informed decisions as sellers.”

Sean & Barbra Burke


Most of all I appreciated your non salesman like attitude.  You were never pushy.  You told me you would advise and educate me, so that I could make an intelligent decision on my own… and I did.

Tim Rutherford


“As you know we had one real estate company try for several months then a friend from another company for several more months.  I didn’t know if my home would ever sell…thank you for selling my home in 5 days.”

Mark Thwaites